MAEH Journal of Environmental Health Jurnal Kesihatan Persekitaran MAEH

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Vol. 1 No. 1 (2020): MAEH Journal of Environmental Health (MJEH)

This issue of MAEH Journal of Environmental Health brings readers the insight of the new paradigm of environmental health research from environmental health practitioners in the operational field and academia. Five articles were published in the following areas:
- Musculoskeletal disorder from exposure at work
- Sulfite exposure in food and its risk assessment
- Occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals at work
- Rodent control in environmental health practices
- Joint Management Body involvement towards the control of disease-bearing insects

At MAEH Journal of Environmental Health, we strive to publish research and technical papers that are useful for the all environmental health practitioners. The editorial board would like to thank all the environmental health professionals who have contributed to MAEH Journal of Environmental Health.

Published: 2020-03-24

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The MAEH Journal of Environmental Health (MJEH) is published 2 times per year by the Malaysian Association of Environmental Health (MAEH) and keeps readers up-to-date on current issues, new research, useful products and services, and employment opportunities. As the only direct link to the complete spectrum of environmental health topics, the MJEH reaches more than 1000 professionals working to solve problems in areas such as: 

  • air quality,
  • drinking water,
  • food safety and protection,
  • hazardous materials/toxic substances management,
  • institutional environmental health,
  • occupational safety and health,
  • terrorism and all-hazards preparedness,
  • vector control,
  • wastewater management,
  • water pollution control/water quality,
  • biostatistics and epidemiology,
  • environmental forensics,
  • environmental modeling,
  • environmental and occupational health engineering,
  • human factors and ergonomics, and
  • green technology and sustainability research.