Object of the Association

  1. To promote generally the object of environmental health and the dissemination of knowledge of environmental health.
  2. To represent the views and interest of the view and interest of the profession of Environmental Health Practitioner and to preserve and maintain its integrity by imposing strict rules of conduct as a condition of membership by other means promoting just and honorable practice in such profession
  3. To promote the consideration and discussion of questions affecting the professional status of Environmental Health Practitioners.
  4. To acquire any rights or privileges which MAEH may regards as necessary of the convenient tor its purpose or for promoting the interest of the professional status of Environmental Health Practitioners.
  5. To raise the character and status and to advance the interest of the Profession of Environmental Health Practitioners and those engaged therein.
  6. To consider and deal with matters affecting the professional status of members of MAEH and to decide all questions of professional usage or courtesy.
  7. To promote legal or other professional assistance for the protection of the interest of any members or members of the profession in cases which may be deemed to involve the questions of principle affecting the profession generally and not the individual interest of the parties litigation only
  8. To diffuse amongst its members’ information on all matters affecting or of importance to the profession of Environmental Health Practitioners and to print, publish, issue and circulate such papers, periodicals, books, circulars and other literary or artistic matter as may seem conductive to any of these objects
  9. To disseminate knowledge regarding practical sanitation and kindred subjects for the benefit of the community and to assist by co-operation or otherwise similar associations in upholding and advancing the objects of Sanitary and Environmental Health matters generally.
  10. To promote or contribute to or co-operation in the provision in the training and education facilities for persons to become Environmental Health Practitioners and to provide all means for securing efficiency and responsibility on the part of those admitted members.
  11. In furtherance of the objects of MAEH, to establish where necessary and when practicable and to maintain Libraries, Lecture and Classrooms or other Institution; to institute Courses of Lectures and demonstration; to hold meeting for the hearing of communications on Environmental Health subjects and discussions thereon; to hold exhibitions of sanitary subjects apparatus of appliances at such exhibitions or otherwise brought under notice of the Association.
  12. To watch over any proposed legislation of Governmental action affecting the profession of environmental health practitioners, to promote such legislation in the interest of the profession; to oppose such legislation as may be found to be hostile to the profession.
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